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National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

National Youth Leadership Training, (NYLT) is an intensive week-long Leadership Training Course for Venturers, and Scouts who are 14 years of age and older and are of 1st Class rank and above. This year only, female Scouts, BSA members who are not yet First Class may attend to help newly forming Scouts, BSA Troops develop trained youth leadership teams.

NYLT is the premier youth leadership training course of instruction in the Boy Scouts of America. NYLT is a life changing experience for many. While participants will be equipped to provide enthusiastic and competent leadership for their Troop or Crew in the context of the Patrol Method, they will also gain leadership skills and experiences which will prove valuable throughout the rest of their lives.

Unit Leaders or Parents are welcome to register youth participants, but due to the intensive nature of the course, all youth participants must have unit leader approval before attending. In 2019, the Bay-Lakes Council will be offering two unique National Youth Leadership Training Courses to choose from.

The Traditional NYLT course will be held August, 4-10, 2019. This is a very popular course, with participants living and working together in the beautiful, and well equipped BSA Patrol campsites at Camp Hiawatha, near Munising, Michigan. Cost for this course includes round trip bus transportation to and from selected locations. Stay tuned for the price and registration link for 2019.

The 2019 Pack and Paddle NYLT course will be held August 10-18, 2019. This course features the same Nationally produced NYLT training syllabus and coursework, but utilizes as an instructional vehicle, the challenges of completing a canoeing and backpacking wilderness trek in the backcountry of Camp Hiawatha, and the Hiawatha National Forest. Participants will backpack and canoe to primitive campsites each night, live and work in a more challenging environment, and must have already passed their BSA Swimmer's test for the summer of 2019 or be able to pass it upon arrival. They should be cautioned not to expect a Philmont or Boundary Waters type High Adventure experience, but rather a formal Leadership Training Course, but with a wilderness and High Adventure flavor. In addition to the leadership skills taught by the NYLT curriculum, participants will learn to apply those leadership skills in a wilderness Troop High Adventure trek environment and pick up more than a few outdoor skills in the process. This extended course is a 9-day course (arrive on a Saturday and depart on Sunday the following week).

Warning: NYLT courses have historically filled up quickly, so be prepared to enroll as soon as registration opens in early to mid-December. The traditional course is limited to 84 participants and the Pack Paddle version will be limited to 24 participants.

Estimated costs are in the $280 to $300 range.

NYLT Course Director (Traditional)          NYLT Course Director (Pack and Paddle)
Lee Worden                                                 Cliff Polheber
906-632-3997                                              262.675.9377      

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