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Finance News

Did You Know?

  • We have 23,000 registered Scouts in Bay-Lakes Council.
  • It costs the Council $183 for every registered Scout.
  • The annual $24.00 Pack/Troop membership fee goes straight to the National Office. But, all of the dollars raised during our Friends of Scouting Annual Gift Campaign remains with the Bay-Lakes Council to benefit local Scouts!
  • The dollars raised during FOS make up over 20% of our entire Council budget. Needless to say, these are critical dollars!
  • All of the dollars raised during the FOS campaign remain in Bay-Lakes Council. The funds benefit your local Scouts, camps, programs, staff and much more!

Help us continue the tradition in to the next century by investing in Scouting today.

2016 Individual Recognition

  • Support 1 scout with a gift of $183 (only 50 cents a day!) or more and receive a 2016 Friends of Scouting Patch
  • Support 2 scouts with a $365 (only $1 a day) and a Campership will be awarded in the donors name to a Scout in need of financial assistance to attend summer camp during the 2016 summer camp season. In addition, donors at this level will receive a 2016 Friends of Scouting Patch and an invitation to a special recognition event to be held at the Bay-Lakes Council Camp

If you would like to learn more or make a gift please contact the Center for Scouting and speak to Kristin Ely-Bluemke (920) 734-5705 x 140, contact your local District Executive, or for convenience visit our website at and click on the “Donate Online Here!” link.

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please visit our link at If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to the Boy Scouts of America & the Bay-Lakes Council may be doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Product Sales News

Product Sale

The 2015 Fall $700 Club Popcorn Recognitions Star Wars Movie had a turnout of  over 2,900 Scouts and their families on Saturday, Dec. 19th at 5 theaters across the Bay-Lakes Council!

This sale is perfect for those Scouts who are looking to raise funds to attend summer camp. There will be a new and exciting product line to sell (not popcorn this time). Good commission and a simple sale to manage. 

Look to the Product Sale page on our Bay-Lakes Council Website for up coming details for 2016 sale and commitment to sell information.

Program News


April 9, 2016

May 14, 2016

October 22, 2016

Does your pack have an overnight pack activity on the upcoming calendar? Are you a new Cub Scout leader looking to get more involved? BALOO, or Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program for those leaders who are interested in adding a camping component to their Pack activities. Register while there are still spots left! (click on the dates above to register)


Cub Scout & Webelos Scout Summer Camp Sign-up


If your Pack has not signed up for your summer camp experience at Cub Scout World, Camp Rokilio or Webelos Resident Camp at Camp Twin Lakes you are not too late! There is still plenty of space to accommodate your Pack and get your Scouts to camp! Contact the Center for Scouting Program Department at 920-734-5705 to make your arrangements to attend. The Camp Staffs are being assembled and plans made to give you and your Scouts an awesome summer camp experience! Hope to see you on the trails!


Camp Leader Orientation

Camp Leader Orientation will once again be done via Go To Webinar by individual camps. 

We are currently determining the dates of when each camp will conduct its webinar. We are “targeting” the months of February & March to hold the webinars. Once dates are finalized they will be shared with you via the E-Guide, posted on the Bay-Lakes Council website and e-mailed to the person designated in your Pack, Troop or Crew to receive vital information regarding summer camp.

Should you have any questions you can also contact the Program Department at the Center for Scouting, 920-734-5705.


NEW Cub Scout Camp Promotion Materials

With the help of the Council Camping Committee, we are working on a number of assets to help you promote Cub Scout & Webelos Resident Camp in 2016! 

Coming soon, we will have 4 NEW items for you to use in your camp promotion efforts. They include:

  • Placemats for your Blue and Gold Banquet – these will be available as a download, and will have space for you to customize with your Unit information if you choose
  • Brochures available for download focused towards the youth members
  • Brochures available for download focused towards parents
  • Video available for you to use at an upcoming Pack Meeting

We know that the outdoor experiences are why boys join and kids who attend summer camp are retained at a much higher rate.  Help us deliver our promise and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Council News

Annual Meeting Notice

The Annual Business Meeting of the Bay-Lakes Council will be held on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at LIBERTY HALL, 800 Eisenhower Drive in Kimberly.

Hors de’ oeuvres will be served at 6:30 P.M. followed by the Annual Meeting, election of Officers, Executive Board Members, Advisory Council members and National Council Representatives. 

If you have individuals you would like to recommend to serve on the Bay-Lakes Council Board, please forward their names and contact information to the Center for Scouting – attention Council Nominating Committee Chair, by January 31, 2016.


Updated Version of Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse Now Available

The BSA has adopted policies for the safety and well-being of its members. These policies primarily protect youth members; however, they also serve to protect adult leaders. Parents and youth using these safeguards outside the Scouting program further increase the safety of their youth. Scout leaders in positions of youth leadership and supervision outside the Scouting program will find these policies help protect youth in those situations as well. Click here to view document.


Deadline Past for Youth Protection Training Mandate

For more than 100 years, Scouting has been a special place for children, both literally and figuratively. Even in today's world, Scouting is one of the safest places for a youth to be involved. We want to make it easy for each Unit to contribute to keep Scouting safe for everyone, youth and adults alike. To ease this process, the Bay-Lakes Council has provided all of the Youth Protection Training videos and links to E-Learning sites on our website, located at: Click Training and then click Youth Protection Training. You may also access youth protection training in the E-Learning section at In order to be able to process a charter renewal all adult leaders must have current Youth Protection Training on record within the last two years. The deadline of December 31, 2015 for completion is now past. If you still need to complete training please do so immediately.


Council Training

The Council Program Committee and Training Committee feel so strongly about about “Trained Leaders” including protection of youth members that they have mandated that all leaders be current in Youth Protection Training by recharter time on December 31, 2015. Those leaders that aren't YPT trained at recharter time will not be renewed. They will be notified that they are no longer a registered leader along with instructions on how to renew their YPT so that they can regain their volunteer status. In the meantime, the application will be pulled or removed from the recharter pending the renewal of YPT.

Parents expect us, the Bay-Lakes Council, to provide quality programs and keep their children safe at events and with their respective leaders. The background check done on all leaders along with YPT training ensures that happens. See the Council training website page for detailed directions on adult leader training. For more information, click here.


Charter Renewal

Internet Charter Renewal is the BSA’s web-based method for units to renew their charters from any online location—at home, the office or anywhere you have internet access. It’s easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself! Access information at Click on Resources, Click on Volunteer Support and Click on Internet Rechartering to access all of the necessary tools to complete your 2016 charter renewal. Access the Internet rechartering information by clicking here.


While Supplies Last

We wanted to insure everyone who wanted to purchase a Farewell to Camp Maywood Wilderness Patch, Back Patch or T-shirt  was aware that a few still remain and are available at the Center for Scouting.

Standard Patch - $2.00

Back Patch - $6.00

T-Shirts $10.00

For availability contact Sheri Doege at the Center for Scouting: (920) 734-5705 or


BSA Anniversary

February 8, 2016 is the official birthday of Scouting and the 7th  - 13th is Scouting’s Anniversary Week. Make it special for the entire community. Here are some more ideas:

  • Do a large community service project
  • Have Cub Scouts attend school in uniform.
  • Conduct a Court of Honor and invite the local officials, teachers, past unit leaders and Eagle Scouts, and other members of the community to attend
  • Hold a Pack Blue and Gold Banquet and plan for each den to do a skit or work on a project during the month to share and do a the pack meeting that is related to the history of Scouting
  • Take lots of pictures and get them in the local newspaper and share them on Social Media

Whatever you do, please do something and make it as big as it can be. Make it special, make it fun and enjoy the moment.


Scout Sunday/Scout Sabbath

Scout Sunday is February 7, 2016 and Scout Sabbath is Saturday, February 13th. Every Unit in the Council should plan now to be part of a religious service either at a church/synagogue that is the chartered organization or somewhere else in the community where the unit exists. There are many ways a Unit can participate that include but are not limited to:


  • Having all youth and leaders in full uniform seated at the front during service
  • Have Scouts hand out bulletins as parishioners arrive
  • Have leaders serve as ushers
  • Be part of the service by reading scripture
  • Ask the lead clergy person to use the Scout Oath and/or Law as part of the message
  • Have the Chartered Organization Representative (C.O.R.) present the unit with its charter
  • Ask for time for the COR or leader to speak briefly about the activities the unit has done.
  • Schedule a service project in or around the church that day/week
  • Have a pot-luck after the service in honor of Scouting/Hold a Court of Honor
  • Schedule and Eagle Ceremony for after the service

Invite family and friends who many not have a religious affiliation to attend in honor of Scout Sunday/Sabbath


Help Scouting be seen for the Positive force for good that it is!

Doing a Good Turn Daily is the hallmark of Scouting. Help us spread the good news about what your unit is doing to provide invaluable support to other community organizations. We want to make it simple to track our impact providing community service throughout the Council. To date, we’re behind last year and need everyone to take a few minutes during this busy time of year to log your community service hours before the end of the year.

You can still log your hours at with your user name and password if you like; however using this link, Service Hour Report link, you can complete a simple form with your Unit number, date and name of the project, # of youth and adults participating, and the total hours. It’s that simple and will help Scouting in Bay-Lakes Council be better recognized for our work throughout the area.

Thanks in advance for your commitment to teaching the importance of service to others and demonstrating the Scout Slogan – Do A Good Turn Daily.


Fun for the Whole Family

Resch Center Events


Want to know the latest on New Units, Eagle Scout recipients, Leader Recognition and Religious Emblem recipients?  

Go to your Districts page on the Council Website or click here and choose your District from the list on the left and view the articles under District News.

Memorial Tribute Fund

The Bay-Lakes Council Tribute Fund has been established for Scouters & Friends of Scouting. It gives you the opportunity to pay tribute to a relative or friend through a donation to the Council. This can be done as a congratulation, get well or sympathy from the donor.


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