Commissioner Corner                                                                                                             June 2015


"A Scout is Trustworthy"

Greetings to all my fellow Scouters as I take over the reins of Council Commissioner from Warren Kraft. He has left big shoes to fill and I pray I do them justice! Thankfully, I will have lots of help from all of you!

As I think about the number of people who got their first taste of goal orientation and leadership through Scouting, and are now making a positive impact in society, I am humbled. We all know the Presidents, astronauts, and Governors, but think also about the Church Council Leaders, PTO Chairs, Club Presidents, etc. Thousands of lives positively impacted by the values of Scouting! None of this would have been possible without the TRUST of the families that enrolled their sons and daughters in our programs. TRUST that our values are strong, our leaders are well trained and highly capable, and that their children are safe. One of the foundations of a trained leader is Youth Protection Training (YPT). The training is designed to protect both the youth and the volunteer. It is excellent training, easily completed in under 30 minutes, via the internet at any time, day or night. It can also be done in small group settings. 

I want to throw out a challenge to you. Let's have the Bay Lakes Council lead the nation in YPT completion! A lofty goal, but one we can reach if we TRUST and are willing to help each other. For anyone reading this, pull the YPT card out of your wallet, or check your training profile on '', and make sure you are current (training completed in last 2 years). If you are a Commissioner, check the Units you serve and see where they stand. Help them make a plan to get to 100%, and then proudly report that at your Commissioner meetings. For all Scouters-when you get together with other volunteers, ask them if they are current. If attending or visiting summer camp, check with the leaders you see. If they are not current, remind them they can complete the training at a camp workstation in the time it takes them to finish a cup of coffee. Don't be afraid to ask, challenge, encourage, and congratulate. Be proud that you are part of the largest youth serving organization in the world, and proud that you are maintaining the standards that have earned the TRUST of families through the decades. YPT is one very important part of keeping that TRUST and the Bay Lakes Council should be at the head of the pack! 

I look forward to serving with all of you!




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